Introduction to Navigation Course Evaluation Comments 2021

Introduction to Navigation Course Evaluation Comments 2021

Canadian Power & Sail Oakville Squadron


Introduction to Navigation Course Evaluation Comments 2021-1

Reviews from our students who took the B3 course in 2021.

  • Very thorough
  • Went over some of the cruises to re-enforce learning
  • Good having multiple presenters to add variety and keep engaged
  • Demonstration of use of charting tools via cameras was effective
  • Use of groups for taking up cruises was nice.
  • Don’t go over allocated time for each class
  • There were times that I felt I didn’t belong in the course because I don’t have a boat yet
  • I took the course to learn a lot more before I get too deep into buying a boat
  • All Instructors were very knowledgeable and excited about the content
  • Charting sessions were fantastic with appropriate amount of time given
  • Great idea to have groups answering each question vs everyone
  • Very knowledgeable Instructors, Cynthia was a great instructor!
  • Billy did great sessions on knots, Andy you navigated the online course well-you must have spent lots of time in the pre-planning stages
  • Audio visual aids were appropriate and added to the learning from the readings
  • Great real life examples of what not to do and what to be aware of
  • Charting exercises were great for hands on practice
  • As an independent learner, I enjoyed being in my home and working on the course material instead of having to drive to Oakville for an in class session each week
  • The Covid pandemic has taught us that we can all gather from great distances to learn without having to travel…unless the travel is for pleasure by boat. J
  • Course was provided effectively online
  • Liked the presentation of the cruises over 4 sessions
  • Liked the knots session
  • Liked the exam in Google forms, worked well
  • This course was outstanding- the online presentation worked well and in some ways is probably better than in person
  • The Instructors were all very knowledgeable, approachable and passionate- which made the course. Highly recommend it
  • Perhaps coordination on the cameras especially on the charting- the higher resolution camera and internet connection would have improved things a bit
  • It was great to see the Instructors actually working on the charts and also Bill doing the knots
  • Instructors were very prepared and worked very well together
  • Great mix of general boating and detailed charting skills
  • Feels like I definitely acquired a new skill
  • The cruises were a great way to learn-if done before class -as recommended
  • Team training approach kept it lively and nuanced
  • Knot training warm up’s very helpful also
  • Suggest a mounted cleat and various diameters of rope for at home as well as some recommended sites for follow up
  • Simulate a live cruise to Toronto Islands or through a 1,000 islands with an actual local chart
  • It would be good to see a recommended course of study-big picture
  • What is the training to be able to rent a boat in the Bahamas
  • I appreciate all of the effort that went into converting the course into an online format – that’s not easy to do. I’ve been through the same myself and wanted to share some insights (which are not necessarily “areas for improvement” but that was the next available space!)
  • For the past 15 months, I have been teaching online, both in my role as an Adjunct Professor at U of T and for museum-sector professional development courses. I’ve tried various approaches, and based on feedback and course evaluations, what seems to work best for students is a combination of synchronous (live) classes of no more than an hour in length with asynchronous (pre-recorded) shorter video segments from 10-30 minutes in length and online discussions in response to posted questions, together with links to videos and other online resources. Students have remarked that they appreciated the variety of formats and the opportunity to engage with material on their own schedule. I don’t know how soon we’ll be able to return to in-person teaching, but I thought I would offer these experiences in case they would be of use to the Squadron.
  • Instructors are very kind, caring and patient. They are very knowledgeable and have created an environment where students are welcome to ask questions or review concepts without the fear of looking stupid. The instructors have created a very safe and welcoming environment for learning!
  • It would be nice to be able to incorporate the chartplotting more with how to use it with the GPS and electronic plotters. I know this was covered more in Boating 2, but practical examples of how to use both ways together would be helpful for new boaters who haven’t used either before.
  • The course material was very well organized and clear. The presenters/instructors were also well prepared. I particularly found the plotting graphics very well done. I think this is a difficult skill to teach online but it came across very clearly and effectively.
  • I honestly can’t offer up any ideas for improvement. I think overall the course was excellent. I also think the extra checklists and Youtube videos are very helpful. Keep those coming.

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