Basic Navigation and Boat Handling – Combined (B2/B3) – Online

Basic Navigation and Boat Handling – Combined (B2/B3) – Online

Beyond Boating Basics (B2) and Introduction to Marine Navigation (B3) Combo Course

This is an online combination of the B2 and B3 Courses. The Oakville Power and Sail Squadron is offering this combined course in the winter/spring months of 2023 for those seeking to improve their boating and navigational skills and on the water enjoyment. It is classroom style teaching but on line using GoToMeeting.

Did you want to learn how to safely operate your boat, learn the rules of the waterway, electrical issues and chart reading?

We are here to help teach you the decision points, through lectures, videos, emailed materials, articles of interest and discussions with our experienced group of Instructors.

By taking this option you save $70.00 over the cost of taking both courses individually.

Plus when you join our B2+B3 combo course you get a free plotting kit valued at $25.00. If you have never been a CPS Member before, we also give you a free one year membership in the Oakville Squadron a $45.00 value.

Boating 2 – Beyond Boating Basics – The PCOC makes sure you have immediate navigation and safety skills but it’s just the beginning of what you should know when you get on a boat. In the second of our Boating Series, you are introduced to the art of navigation, anchoring, ropes, lines and knots – not to mention what to expect when the boat is moving under power. This course also has a number of optional topics that will be taught depending on your interests; these include towing, trailering and a check list for layup and launch. Boating 3 – Introduction to Marine Navigation – The third course in our series explores navigation further as you learn how to plot and label on paper charts as well as what the skipper should be doing before setting out and when under way, handling a boat under sail as well as your environmental responsibilities and electrical hazards. This course also has a number of optional topics that will be taught depending on your interests; these include tides and currents, canals and locks, and collision regulations.

Suggested Prerequisite: Boating 1 – Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC)

Details: Course material is available online 24/7. This is a cohort-based format with a specific start and end date. You will take this course with a specific group of fellow students. There will be an online meeting one evening per week to answer questions that students may have. You may also have one on one meetings with a local tutor to cover topics that are difficult to teach online.

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